Treasure Is In Your Student Email

List of benefits from student email which we can use

Treasure Is In Your Student Email
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Treasure Is In Your Student Email

As a student, of course, we have an email given by the school or university we are studying in it. there are so many benefits that we have to take from the steady student email provided by the school or university. sometimes many students are not aware of the importance of taking advantage of very useful e-mail, such as ignoring it or not using it.

Especially during a pandemic like this, students are required to be even more active in learning and looking for useful new things. this is my personal experience in using school email for useful things. list of applications that can be used using school e-mail that I have personally experienced.

Microsoft Office 365 Education

You just need to enter the school email on the website after registering a school email until it is successful, then you can enjoy several products from Microsoft office that you can use to support education and help increase morale because with the accessibility of supporting applications for learning it does not cause errors or cannot be used due to fake products.

JetBrain For Education

I have experienced many benefits from registering an email to Jetbrains Student at, starting from getting free learning from Jetbrains Academy for 3 months, and getting free access to applications from Jetbrains. like Pycharm professional and IntelliJ IDEA and others for 1 whole year.

Github Student Developer Pack

This is the experience I’m most proud of exploring the benefits of student email, the GitHub student developer pack provides tons of free offerings for services like cloud, domains, and learning. we just need to go to the GitHub student developer pack page which then verifies your student email.

Alibaba Cloud for Students

As a student in the field of informatics, we must always hone our skills and must continue to learn about new things, especially in the world of cloud computing. This is very important to be studied by students in the field of informatics and in other fields, because by studying this field, namely cloud computing, we will get a lot of benefits, therefore I tried to learn cloud hosting at Alibaba cloud academy which has a lot of learning courses that can be used.

Accessed for free such as learning cloud computing and others, not only get free access to learning courses, we will also get a learning certificate when we successfully complete the learning course we take. To get the most benefits from Alibaba cloud for students, we can use the student email registered on the website

Codeacademy Student Pro Membership

Codecademy is a very good programming learning platform for students to learn. there are many and varied learning courses and of course also interesting, making us comfortable and enthusiastic about learning at Codecademy. To be able to experience the many benefits of Codecademy, we can register for the Codecademy Student Pro Membership using the student email on the website and we will get a 35% discount for subscribing to Codecademy pro-student.

That’s all from my experience in using student email in exploring the many benefits offered by large platforms that provide free services, I hope this article can be useful. thank you.

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