How I make about $140 from Writing

How I earn around $140 from writing on Alibaba cloud Techshare Indonesia competition

How I make about $140 from Writing
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How I make about $140 from Writing

Writing is something that can be done by everyone, and writing does not require a skill. I really enjoy writing things, because, by writing, we can share stories, and experiences, and share knowledge with others. In writing too, we continue to explore and certainly will get new things and experiences that we can.

There are so many smart writers who share their knowledge on various platforms, and it is extremely useful for us when reading it, such as tutorials, tips, and others that are extremely useful. In this case, I sometimes think, I also want to be one of them, which is to be a person who shares his knowledge through writing that can be useful for others.

I try to write down some of my learning experiences, and the knowledge that I have gained for me to share with others through writing on the best platform for writers, namely Medium. by being able to share the knowledge that we get with others, the feeling of happiness in us always accompanies because there are so many benefits if we share it with others.

One day, I got a web page that contained information about a writing competition, the writing competition was writing about Alibaba Cloud held by a well-known technology company, Alibaba Cloud. The name of the competition is TechShare Indonesia. In the information on the web, there are a lot of writing criteria that are all related to technology, such as cloud computing, big data, AI, networking, tutorials, and others. and best of all, if we win this competition, we get around USD 140 or IDR 2,000,000 which is IDR 1,000,000 for us and IDR 1,000,000 to be donated to Dompet Duafa.

Because here I want to share my learning experiences and share knowledge with others, and I think this is the right place, so I decided to follow it, I decided to make a tutorial about how do I build free file hosting on a cloud server, where I got the Cloud Server from Alibaba cloud for free through the Alibaba cloud for students program.

Within a few days, I made a tutorial on building the project, after I thought it was good enough for me to submit, I submitted it via the link provided. waiting for about three weeks in waiting for news or confirmation from Alibaba cloud. After almost a month, I received an email to revise or add some that were lacking, such as screenshots and others.

The next day, I received another email from Alibaba cloud which contained information about me being one of the winners of the Alibaba cloud Techshare Indonesia program. I have mixed feelings between being happy and proud, I didn’t think I would win the program, but because of my efforts, thank god, I was able to win it.

I am happy that the writing that I have written can be presented on the website with my name written there. and thank god again I can share around USD 70 or IDR 1,000,000 to Dompet Duafa for this competition.

Never give up on learning and trying something, the main thing is to keep trying new things because by always learning and trying, there will be results that will accompany us, thank you.

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