Best Study Recommendations For Increase Knowledge CS Students

Some studies for computer science students in increasing knowledge in the field of information technology

Best Study Recommendations For Increase Knowledge CS Students
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Best Study Recommendations For Increase Knowledge CS Students

The best way to fill spare time is to increase our knowledge of ourselves in all aspects, such as learning to improve our skills in the field of interest, because knowledge is very useful to improve our status as modern humans.

In this modern era, there are many challenges for young people to achieve their dreams. The key to it all is where we take advantage of our spare time when a lot of time is wasted due to neglecting time by spending a few hours on social media, this must be compared to the reality if we spend several hours learning something useful.

As long as I am a computer science student for more than 2 years, I have many references to studies outside of university education to increase my knowledge in the field of computer science. I will share recommendations and learning references with friends so that we can become better human beings by utilizing existing knowledge.

1. Learn NoSQL with MongoDB University

Most of the syllabus of computer science study programs at all universities in Indonesia does not contain material about Non-Relational databases or often called NoSQL, the most popular database used for Non-Relational databases is MongoDB.

Non-Relational databases or NoSQL databases are very important in programming, lately many applications are using NoSQL databases for storing large data because Nosql databases are flexible, scalable, and high-performance databases.

To be able to learn about NoSQL for free you can find it in the MongoDB University Course. To get study at the MongoDB University Course we can be done this by registering student email on the GitHub Education Portal. After the registration application is approved by Github, you can find the MongoDB University Course in the list of free services on the Github Student Developer Pack.

2. Learn Docker Container with KodeKloud

Docker is a tool that is often used in the development of an application and is very important to learn. Docker is a container that can quickly deploy applications that we build.

Docker is very useful for us to make it easier to deploy applications that we have previously developed. To be able to easily learn Docker containers for free we can get it on the Kodekloud platform. On the Kodekloud platform, there is a free Docker learning course with complete topics and easy to learn.

3. Learn Cloud Computing with Alibaba Cloud

The trend of Cloud Computing in the industrial revolution era continues to increase sharply, many companies switch to building their companies by developing sophisticated cloud computing technology. cloud computing is highly sought after and needed for companies in this era of the industrial revolution 4.0, why is that?.

Cloud Computing is very useful for a company in developing its business because large computer resources can be accommodated in the cloud which is the internet where the management of computer resources is through a computer network.

Fortunately, we can learn about cloud computing for free on the Alibaba cloud learning platform, there are many free courses on cloud computing such as elastic computing, Networking & CDN, databases, security, and others which of course for us as students, to get it just by registering an email our students on Alibaba cloud student.

4. Learn Fundamental of Blockchain Technology with edX

Blockchain technology architecture is built on the basis of computer science, therefore blockchain technology is very important for computer science students to learn. By learning about the fundamentals of blockchain technology, we have learned a phenomenal and promising new technology.

There is a lot of useful knowledge that we can get and we can use from the widespread internet. we can learn about the fundamentals of blockchain technology for free through the learning platform edX. Only by registering an account on the edX platform, we can learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology in the form of videos and notes available in the course.

Thank you for reading this article regarding study recommendations for computer science students, hopefully, this article can be helpful and useful for all of us.

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